Christine Sleeter
Christine E. Sleeter

Christine E. Sleeter is an author, speaker, and activist who uses creative work to spark respect for the diverse people who share space in classrooms, schools, and communities, and to prompt action for equity and justice.  She is Professor Emerita in the College of Professional Studies at California State University Monterey Bay, where she was a founding faculty member.

Her experiences as a high school teacher in Seattle during desegregation of the 1970s prompted her interest in urban youth and multicultural education, and the beginnings of her awareness of social injustices. During the 1970s, she played with these themes in oil paintings.

Painting by C. Sleeter

After earning her PhD at the University of Wisconsin (1982), she served as a faculty member at Ripon College in Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, before moving to California. As a founding faculty member of California State University Monterey Bay, she deepened the artistry of her teaching, which she conceives as a creative orchestration of students, ideas, and support that enables accomplishments beyond what students believed they could do. She has enjoyed serving as a visiting professor at several universities, including University of Maine, University of Colorado Boulder, Victoria University of Wellington and Auckland University  in New Zealand, San Francisco State University, University of Washington Seattle, and Universidad Nacional de Education a Distancia in Madrid, Spain.

She is past President of the National Association for Multicultural Education and past Vice President of Division K of the American Educational Research Association. Her research focuses on anti-racist multicultural education, ethnic studies, and teacher education. Dr. Her publications include over 150 articles in books and journals such as Educational Researcher, Multicultural Education Review, Urban Education, and Teaching and Teacher Education; and 23 books. Her most recent non-fiction book is Rethinking Ethnic Studies (with R. T. Cuauhtin, M. Zavala, & W. Au, Teachers College Press, 2019), and her two works of social fiction include White Bread and The Inheritance. Much of her writing – including her novels — explores teachers as they grapple with improving their ability to reach and teach their diverse students. She has developed several conceptual frameworks and tools to guide educators, such as her tools for Critical Family History, and the framework in her best-selling book Un-Standardizing Curriculum. She has also produced research and research reviews that have helped in advocacy for racial justice in education, particularly ethnic studies. Because of this work, Christine is a sought-after speaker in the U.S. and globally.

Recent awards for her work include the American Educational Research Association Social Justice in Education Award, the Chapman University Paulo Freire Education Project Social Justice Award, the American Educational Research Association Division K Legacy Award, the Charles DeGarmo Lecturer Award from the Society of Professors of Education, the Doctor of Humane Letters from Lewis and Clark College, and membership in the Laureate Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education.

With Joe and Grandkids

When not working, she enjoys reading fiction (she co-founded the Number One Ladies — and Gentlemen’s — Book Group in Monterey), attending theater performances, hiking with her partner Joe and their dog Maya, doing Pilates, studying Spanish, knitting, and spending time with friends. She and her partner Joe can often be found visiting their two grandchildren in Milwaukee.

Christine Sleeter’s CV, 2018