“Black People Don’t Float and Swim:” Another Jim Crow Lie

Unfortunately, the phrase “Black people don’t float and swim” has been interwoven as a deterministic Jim Crow lie deep within the fabric of this nation. There were skewed social science studies of our buoyancy and muscle density in relation to our White peers to suggest that we can’t float. From this conclusion, it was determined […]

Using New Interracial Family Evidence to Trouble Jim Crow

“Did You Know Yo’ Mama was White?” In this installment, I discuss using new interracial family evidence to trouble Jim Crow. I will use a pseudonym to protect the anonymity of the subject of my critical family history. I am related to the “Kayfred” family of North Carolina by marriage. “Grandpa Kayfred” was a widower and […]

Preparing to Share and Receive Sensitive Family History

“I Don’t Think That’s My Daddy!” Preparing to share and receive sensitive family history is crucial. We talk a lot today in the U.S. about the symptoms of poverty, but little about how families became poor in the first place. Edmund Hughes, my grandfather was not always a poor Black man in Camden, NC, but Old […]

Troubling Jim Crow: Installment #1

At campus events, it is not unusual to find me singing the fight song of my alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. With the first thunderous clap, I join the rhythm and singing of the refrain, “I’m a Tarheel born, I’m a Tarheel bred and when I die, I’m a Tarheel […]