Biogeographical DNA

I have now had an opportunity to compare biogeographical DNA results from two different companies – AncestryDNA and 23andMe. (As explained in an earlier post, biogeographical DNA ancestry is based on the idea that after humans began to migrate out of Africa, population groups who lived in different regions of the world over time developed distinct […]

Different Kinds of DNA Analysis

In 2006, I had my DNA analyzed through Ancestry by DNA; results are described in an earlier posting. I am in the process of obtaining results of an analysis done through 23andMe. Plowing through results is helping me understand different kinds of DNA analysis. I’ll post another blog entry or two as I learn more. […]

Adopted Ancestor: Finding Kate

I am called Pākehā here in New Zealand. This means I am a descendant of colonial ancestors originating from Europe. Through an autoethnographic project I generated data to understand who my ancestors were, to disturb the notion that Pākehā are all the same and, further, that Pākehā have no culture. Here is one story. It […]

DNA Testing

DNA testing has become an increasingly popular, and gradually more affordable, way to obtain information about one’s genealogy. Several years ago, I completed a DNA test to attempt to verify whether I had Native American ancestry, as I had grown up hearing was the case. It is very easy to locate online companies that do […]