The Inheritance – Now available!

If you inherit something, do you also inherit responsibility for its history? Even if you have no awareness of that history? So begins my second novel, The Inheritance, available on Amazon and iBooks. This novel fictionalizes my own internal struggle and eventual resolution of discovering that money I had inherited could be traced to land stolen […]

Review of White Bread

James Jupp, Assistant Professor of Teaching and Learning at Georgia Southern University, has written an amazing review of White Bread, my new novel. You can read a draft of his review on Academia.Edu, and if you wish, join an online discussion he is hosting on there about the book and the review. You can also upload a draft of […]

Using White Bread in College Courses

White Bread, a work of fiction, can be read for pleasure, and I hope many readers use it for that. However, it can also be used in college courses. Outside of literature courses, fiction does not make a frequent appearance, yet, as a form of art, fiction has considerable power to communicate and provoke thought. […]

White Bread and Historical Fiction

My new novel White Bread turns my extensive research on the German-American families in my family tree into historical fiction. The novel itself is set mainly in the present, but about one-third is set in the past as the novel’s protagonist Jessica gradually uncovers her own family history. One may well ask why I chose a fictional […]