Culture, Difference and Power

Culture, Difference and PowerSleeter, C. E.  2001. Culture, Difference and Power. New York: Teachers College Press.
In this creative multimodal e-book on a CD-ROM, I blended text, pictures, music, and interactive activities to engage students in multiple ways, and to help them see connections among core concepts and practice. This was a strong seller until Mac shifted its operating system to OS 10, which it can run it only with some difficulty. It still does work on PC computers.

“The format of Sleeter’s e-book presents an intriguing alternative to books that deal with cultural issues and societal values. . . .I am certain that Culture, Difference, and Power will compel users to question their conceptions about the society they live in, and that is not at all a bad start.” Review by Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas, Language Learning and Technology.



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