Review of White Bread

James Jupp, Assistant Professor of Teaching and Learning at Georgia Southern University, has written an amazing review of White Bread, my new novel. You can read a draft of his review on Academia.Edu, and if you wish, join an online discussion he is hosting on there about the book and the review. You can also upload a draft of the Jupp review of White Bread here.

I am very honored and humbled that Jim has chosen to write such as powerful review, and that so many people are joining the interesting discussion. The discussion focuses quite a bit on use of the arts – fiction in this case – as a tool to prompt White people to examine their own privileges and cultural identities. (If you are interested in exploring fiction as a teaching tool, do check out Patricia Leavy’s Social Fictions series at SensePublishers!) Jim’s research focuses on White racial identity, and particularly the process of grappling with White privilege and learning to become a strong teacher of racially and ethnically diverse students. Much of the research on White racial identity describes the problem in detail, but leaves too little room to explore growth and change. Jim’s work does that very well, particularly his insightful book Becoming Teachers of Inner-City Students. So I am thrilled that he has written this review that situates White Bread within the scholarship on development of progressive White identities.

The review will be published in the National Youth at-Risk Journal, which is a new journal hosted by Georgia Southern University.

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