Special Issue of The Educational Forum

I am pleased to announce a special issue of The Educational Forum, which I guest edited.

Several years ago, I was at a conference attended by teacher educators and several teacher candidates. Toward the end of a session focused on student-centered teaching, a teacher candidate, looking clearly flustered, spoke. She pointed out that the older teacher educators in the room were describing ways of teaching they had experienced that sounded wonderful. But she was having difficulty visualizing what it might look like to use cooperative learning or learning centers, since her entire schooling experience had consisted of standardized content taught through teacher-centered pedagogy.

I began to wonder: What happens if teachers have an opportunity to teach in more student-centered and culturally-responsive ways than they experienced as students? Experience certainly does shape what we think is possible. Yet, I recall trying out practices as a teacher that I had not experienced.

I decided to focus this special issue of The Educational Forum on Emerging From Standardization: Learning to Teach for Cultural, Cognitive, and Community Relevance. Articles examine the process of figuring out pedagogy that values and works constructively with students’ identities, communities, cultures and languages, particularly the challenges involved when teachers themselves have not seen such pedagogy in practice. 

Following my introduction, articles include:

  • Navigating Standardized Spaces in Student Teaching, by Rebecca Buchanan, Tessa Byard, Grace Ferguson, Kayla Billings, Mingwun Dana & Josie Champagne
  • A Curriculum in Vocational Courses: The Recognition and (Re)Construction of Counterhegemonic Knowledge, by Paulo Marinho & Fátima Delgado
  • Reclaiming Your Time: Tools From Culturally Responsive Pedagogy (CRP) for Making General Interventions Local, by Kristidel McGregor, Deanna Chappell Belcher & Katie S. Fitch
  • Race and the Mona Lisa: Reflecting on Antiracist Teaching Practice, by Debi Khasnabis, Simona Goldin, Ebony Perouse-Harvey & Margaret O. Hanna
  • Culturally Sustaining Initial Teacher Education: Developing Student Teacher Confidence and Competence to Teach Indigenous Learners, by Robin Margaret Averill & Hiria Stacey McRae
  • Fugitive Teacher Education: Nurturing Pedagogical Possibilities in Early Childhood Education, by Anna Lees & Verónica N. Vélez
  • Arabyyah and Mexicana Co-Teaching-Learning Testimonios of Revolutionary Women: A Pedagogy of Solidarity, by Manal Hamzeh & Judith Flores Carmona

Please enjoy!

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