Un-Standardizing Curriculum, 2nd edition

Un-Standardizing Curriculum

Un-Standardizing Curriculum

Coming in November: The second edition of best-seller Un-Standardizing Curriculum: Multicultural Teaching in the Standards-Based Classroom (Teachers College Press).

In this second edition, Judith Flores Carmona and I show how teachers can learn to teach rich, academically rigorous, multicultural curricula in standards-based contexts, particularly Common Core. This second edition includes several new vignettes of classroom teachers, illustrating how they navigate Common Core in their classrooms. This edition also updates the research in each chapter that develops the book’s conceptual framework.

This edition represents an intergenerational collaboration across two states. Judith and I go back to Fall 2001 when Judith started the Master of Arts in Education program in Multicultural Education at California State University Monterey Bay. I was directing and teaching in the program; Judith became one of my students. We “clicked” on several levels, and stayed in contact after Judith left California to pursue her PhD at the University of Utah.

Judith is now a faculty member at New Mexico State University. As a professor in Curriculum and Instruction, she has used the first edition of this book for several years to help guide educators in re/thinking the curriculum, to make it relevant and transformational for their students and themselves. Knowing this, and being very familiar with Judith’s work, I wanted to co-author the second edition with her. Judith was humbled and honored to be asked.

We were encouraged to write a second edition because, while the pressure on teachers to work with standards hasn’t decreased — indeed, it has shifted from state standards alone to state standards plus Common Core — surprisingly few books help teachers work with standards from a multicultural perspective, even though the majority of students in U.S. public schools now are students of color. 

The book will be out in November. It will be available through Teachers College Press, and of course, you will also be able to order it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book outlets.

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